About Us

Through well-designed affordable housing and a commitment to stewardship and quality of life through services, the vision of EAH Housing is of inclusive neighborhoods with thriving socioeconomic and cultural diversity for generations to come.

EAH Housing residents at Centertown ApartmentsEAH Housing is a nonprofit corporation founded with the belief that attractive affordable rental housing is the cornerstone to sustainable, living communities.

Established in 1968, EAH Housing has become one of the largest and most respected nonprofit housing development and management organizations in the western United States. With a staff of over 475, EAH develops low-income housing, manages over 100 properties in California and Hawaii, and plays a leadership role in local, regional and national housing advocacy efforts. 

Starting from grassroots origins in response to the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., EAH Housing now serves over 20,000 seniors, families, students, people with disabilities, frail elderly and the formerly homeless. Combining award winning design, innovative on-site services and a commitment to people,
EAH reflects the distinctive personality of each community. 

EAH Housing logo graphicAffordable housing is a critical issue touching each of us. From teachers to caregivers and seniors to firefighters - we are all affected by the availability of housing. EAH Housing is committed to maintaining the current supply of affordable rental housing. Properties owned by EAH are designed to be affordable in perpetuity and not to be sold. Unparalleled dedication by EAH Housing staff, board and special funders will continue to bring affordable housing to the many constituencies that compose the unique fabric of our country today.

EAH Housing is dedicated to building communities that enhance the surrounding neighborhoods. The organization has developed 95 properties with an estimated aggregate development cost of $1 billion (current dollars), and manages 8,900 unit leases in 55 municipalities in California and Hawai'i. EAH has received multiple national awards for property management, design awards and numerous commendations from legislators on the federal, state and local levels.