EAH Mission & Core Values

The mission of EAH Housing is to create community by developing, managing and promoting quality affordable housing.


OUR PEOPLE - We search for employees who value EAH Housing goals and purposes. These employees are our most valuable resource. EAH is known and respected for our highly competent staff. We know that our ability to provide quality affordable housing depends on the contribution of each and every staff member.

OUR INTEGRITY - Ethical conduct is central to EAH Housing and everything for which EAH stands. Our reputation is built on trust and integrity. It is a valued tradition, which passes from one generation of employees to the next. EAH employees are expected to be open and honest so that they earn the trust and loyalty of others. We seek partners, consultants and contractors whom we know we can trust and who likewise value openness and honesty. EAH Housing is a trusted organization. In a highly regulated industry, we are the company that government officials, investors, and lenders can point to as an example of integrity, thoroughness and quality. Cities know they can count on us to do an outstanding job.

OUR TEAMWORK - Teamwork is critical to meet the challenges we face. We share a common vision, working together to reach the best possible solutions. We show respect and concern for each other, and encourage an atmosphere of friendly openness and mutual support. Each of our properties is a testament to the dedication, creativity and talents of our whole team.

OUR QUALITY - EAH Housing developments are built to last. We build the highest possible quality housing within the means available. We develop housing as carefully as if we were going to live in it. We choose architectural designs that enhance neighborhoods, and enable our residents to live without stigma or identity related to their income. We develop and manage each property to ensure its financial integrity for permanent affordability. We manage and maintain our properties to a standard that will always be a source of pride to the residents, the neighborhood and ourselves. We screen carefully to find residents who will respect their housing and respect their neighbors. We treat residents with respect and dignity.

OUR COMMITMENT - EAH Housing is not just another company, we are a public benefit corporation that serves a critical need in today's society. Our founding purpose was to build affordable housing as a means to create social justice. With this goal comes commitment to social responsibility to EAH employees, our residents and our communities.