Conventional Housing

Eah Housing Falcon Bridge, San Ramon

EAH Housing provides exceptional client services and return on investment. 

Our award-winning property management team consistently meets the highest standards of ability and integrity, helping our clients to achieve successful results. We operate with the knowledge that each property uniquely drives our established systems of operation, which remain flexible by catering to the special needs of each community and its residents. 
We maximize the full potential of each asset, as if it were our own. The EAH senior management team works closely with clients to develop the most efficient and long-term objectives for value enhancement and asset stabilization. We are your advocate with residents and business partners as we work together to ensure that transactions and leases are wins for all parties. EAH expertise in site selection, project design, management plans and operating budgets ensures good decisions are made that have a direct impact on the overall life of the property. We have extensive experience with troubled properties and can offer sound economic solutions to difficult problems. 
We are a full service organization and have the resources and the flexibility to structure business partnerships to meet property management needs in every market—not just the major ones. Cornerstone at Gale Ranch, San Ramon
Our fiduciary responsibility to our clients is paramount. EAH Housing is highly regarded for its financial reporting and other regulatory work. Our intricate financial knowledge and experience is vital to effectively managing bond and affordable-housing communities with complex, multi-faceted financing as well as conventional properties located in soft markets. We also provide cash flow analysis and monthly cost and fee analysis to minimize your risk and cost and maximize profit from your investment.
EAH Housing provides on-site services and promotes good relationships between residents and the community. With a diverse population of over 20,000 residents, EAH Housing recognizes that there are many auxiliary needs for your residents. In coordination with our Communications Department, Real Estate Management researches and implements enriching, integrative service modalities for residents, ensuring that they lead healthy productive lives, in a community that enhances the surrounding neighborhoods.
We understand the importance of asset management, protecting your return on investment for the long term. We work to ensure that your property remains in excellent condition for its residents and neighbors, providing high quality standards for the physical health of the buildings, landscaping, maintenance and upgrades along with providing excellence in the financial management of your asset. This sustains your investment in the building—and its residents—today and for the future.