EAH Housing Hosts Annual Advocacy Evening to Celebrate 50 Years of Providing Affordable Housing

Eah Housing

San Rafael, California (August 16, 2018) - As part of a year-long celebration, EAH Housing hosted its annual Advocacy Evening to celebrate 50 years of service.

The evening’s guest speaker was California Assemblyman David Chiu, an ardent supporter of affordable housing, who helped pass a 15-bill landmark housing package last year and recently introduced AB 2162, which addresses California’s homelessness crisis by allowing non-profit developers to build supportive housing without the prolonged approval process typically required.

“EAH Housing is needed now more than ever because California is facing an unprecedented housing crisis,” said David Chiu, chair of the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee, California. “We have failed to build enough housing throughout the state, especially in metro areas. The shortage is acute. Families from all backgrounds are struggling to afford rent, and must to choose between housing, food, health care and school supplies for their children.”

The evening brought together industry leaders throughout California, such as housing advocates, financiers, architects, builders and advocates, who reflected on the changes in housing over the last 50 years and why affordable housing is as crucial as ever to grow economically strong, diverse and sustainable communities.

"We are proud of our partnership with EAH Housing to create affordable housing for the people who need it the most," said Merle Malakoff, Director, Citi Community Capital. "Together, we've been able to provide homes for thousands of people throughout California and Hawaii, and we will continue to work together to help these communities thrive."

EAH Housing was founded in 1968 in response to Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination to create affordable housing as a way to promote social justice. Today, it is on one of the most respected not-for- profit housing development and management organizations in the western United States. Every day, EAH serves more than 20,000 families, seniors, veterans and people with disabilities across California and Hawaii.

“Our mission is as relevant today as it was 50 years ago, as the need for affordable housing grows dire with each passing year,” said Mary Murtagh, president and chief executive officer of EAH Housing. “We believe that ‘a roof is just the beginning.’ It is about providing people with a welcoming home and an opportunity to create a better life for themselves, their family and their community. We’re committed to this vision, and to provide innovative housing solutions for another 50 years.”


About EAH Housing
Established in 1968, EAH Housing is one of the largest and most respected not-for-profit housing development and management organizations in the western United States. EAH develops low-income housing, manages more than 110 properties in 55 municipalities in California and Hawaii, and plays a leadership role in local, regional and national housing advocacy efforts. For more information, contact communications@eahhousing.org.