RFP Announcement

Call for Website Redesign 2017

EAH Housing is currently accepting proposals to develop, design, and launch a new responsive corporate website. The existing EAH Housing website was developed and launched in 2013. In an effort to achieve more traffic from stakeholders via the website, EAH has determined that a new design is needed which is more user-friendly and allows for improved interaction among potential stakeholders. In addition, the launch of the new website will be in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary celebrations for EAH Housing in 2018.


If you have any questions about EAH Housing or the RFP, please reach out to:
Julie Hall, Publicity and Digital Media

The mission of EAH Housing is to create community by developing, managing and promoting quality affordable housing. Established in 1968, EAH has become one of the largest and most respected nonprofit housing development and management organizations in the western United States.

With a staff of over 475, EAH develops low-income housing and manages over 110 properties in California and Hawaii. The organization serves seniors, families, students, veterans and the formerly homeless by providing housing and service coordination to meet the needs of each resident. Additionally, EAH has longstanding relationships with local and national organizations dedicated to building communities that enhance the surrounding neighborhoods.

EAH Housing is committed to ongoing programs that include affordable housing stewardship, sustainability, nutrition and health, and scholarships for resident students. EAH has received multiple awards for both property management and design, and numerous commendations from legislators at the federal, state and local level.