EAH Housing Statement on Racial and Social Injustice

Our nation is at a crossroads. The events of the last few weeks highlight the racial injustice and systemic racism that still exist in our country. Our society will not change until we take more concrete steps to change it. We need to come together to dismantle archaic systems, deep-rooted biases and discriminatory beliefs.

EAH Housing was founded in 1968 – another time of civil unrest, as a response to the assassination of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – to provide affordable housing and healthy neighborhoods in order to empower and provide all people with more opportunities for a better life.

Our organization is committed to social justice. We believe “a roof is just the beginning” and providing quality affordable housing is a critical step in creating economic and social equality. We stand by our mission and support each one of you – those of you who are calling for justice, those who want to be heard and those who want to create a better place to live for everyone in our country.

It is time to act. Please support those organizations that are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Together, we will proactively fight racism and work to create an equal, fair, and just society.


The EAH Housing Leadership