Stewardship Program

EAH Housing | Rohlffs Manor, Napa

Stewardship is “the careful and responsible management of an asset entrusted to one’s care; an ethic of planning and management designed to prevent loss—with a focus on long-term sustainability.”

EAH Housing initiated its stewardship activities in the early 1990’s in response to the growing national loss of affordable housing. By constantly honing skills to manage the complexity of transactions involved with acquisitions and rehabilitations, and in weathering several economic downturns and changing policy environments in the affordable housing industry, EAH has matured in capability and expertise over the years to offer support to others to maintain their affordable housing assets amidst demanding and volatile construction, policy, and compliance environments.

Acquiring at-risk affordable housing assets continues to be a high priority for EAH. Given the difficulty of building affordable housing in today’s environment of social, economic and policy challenges, regional housing needs will be impossible to satisfy if for each new unit of affordable housing developed communities lose the equivalent number of units, or more, due to market rate conversions of rentals that were previously income-restricted.

As a result of our commitment and continuing efforts, the EAH Housing Stewardship Initiative has expanded and now consists of the following services:

+ Asset Management Audits + Property Repositioning + Property Rehabilitation
+ Property Management Audits + Property Management + Succession Planning
+ Compliance Monitoring + Market Analysis + Board Training