StayWell! Healthy Communities

StayWell! is the community-wide service coordination program provided by the EAH Housing division of Resident Services, throughout the EAH property management portfolio. The StayWell! Initiative began in 2015 as an effort to maximize resident services programming and service provider relationships, and quantify what formulas of support provide real, positive health outcomes for EAH Housing residents. Currently, EAH Housing residents are served by dozens of programs and services per county for health, nutrition, physical activity, transportation, education and more at each apartment community EAH owns and manages throughout California and Hawai‘i, an extensive network of hundreds of providers and programs that has developed over the course of several decades. Each StayWell! program is specific to the county and city in which the property resides.

Through StayWell!, EAH Housing is gathering wellness and participation information from residents participating in services provided through EAH and its service organization partners. Evaluation of evidence-based outcomes will help EAH understand the direct impact of each service and program by property and resident population type, and tailor programs that best realize positive health outcomes over time.


Core Programs of the EAH StayWell! Initiative

  1. Healthy Eating

  2. Active Living

  3. Community Building

  4. Physical & Mental Health

  5. Education & Technology

  6. Civic Engagement


Core Populations

  1. Youth

  2. Seniors/Kupuna

  3. Families

  4. Special Needs


EAH Housing senior residents in San Jose, CA
Senior residents in San Jose, CA


The social determinants of health (SDOH) and the impact of needs above and beyond housing stability continues to be a priority issue for many organizations across the spectrum from housing developers to healthcare entities to social justice groups and government organizations. Trauma-informed approaches and quantifiable results will energize internal and external partners and our organization as we tackle some of the hard issues facing affordable housing and low-income communities in the next decade.


Capacity Building Partners

  1. Marin Community Foundation: Accelerating Business Capacity of Aging Service Providers (2016-2019)
  2. Enterprise Community Partners: Health Outcomes Demonstration Project (2017-2019)