Resident Services

The Heart of our Work

EAH Housing after school program with residents

At EAH Housing, our StayWell! Resident Services represent the heart of our work. We believe that sustainable communities are those that provide opportunities for all its members, regardless of socioeconomic background, ethnicity, age, disability status, gender, or any other aspect of one’s path in life.

Our staff and service providers work to engage residents in both on-site services and information and referral to outside resources to increase their chance of success. They encourage residents to strengthen their self-reliance and to actively participate in their communities, finding pathways to empowerment in their lives.

Responsive Management Staff

EAH has an excellent reputation with its residents through its open lines of communication and responsive management staff. We employ on-site Resource Coordinators when feasible, and partner with local, private and public community service providers to provide both individualized services and community-wide programs that benefit everyone.