Catherine J. Macy

Cathy Macy EAH Housing Chief Financial OfficerCatherine J. Macy, Chief Financial Officer

Cathy Macy joined EAH Housing in 1989 as the Director of Accounting and is currently Chief Financial Officer, overseeing a large portfolio and several teams. She is responsible for the complete financial data for all EAH Housing managed properties (over 100 properties), corporate offices, and pre-development and development accounting. The Accounting Department has a staff of more than 20 accounting professionals.

Ms. Macy has over thirty years of accounting experience. Prior to joining EAH, she was Assistant Controller for the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation for Receivership Operations. Among other services, this company took over troubled banking associations.

Ms. Macy was also employed for five years as an accounting supervisor for a savings and loan association, with subsidiary companies in areas that included construction, mortgage and real estate. She was responsible for all aspects of accounting for the various companies acquired by the savings and loan.

Ms. Macy volunteers as Treasurer for Women’s Cancer Awareness Group, headquartered in Petaluma, California.

She became Chief Financial Officer at EAH Housing in 2009.