Facilities at Rohlffs Manor May Keep Program Solvent

Meals on Wheels Finds Potential Lifeline

Napa Valley Register
By Chantal M. Lovell | October 26, 2013
Napa, CA

Community Action Napa Valley may have made the connection it needs to keep the struggling Meals on Wheels program afloat.  CANV has created a partnership with Rohlffs Manor, a senior facility in west Napa, that it hopes will develop into the saving grace of Meals on Wheels…

“There have been a lot of little donations,” CANV Executive Director Drene Johnson said, adding that every little bit helps. “People sending in $5, $10, $20. People are concerned. They know Meals is for everybody.”

“We’re grateful for the response and we’re still continuing to serve and deliver and keep plugging along,” she added. “We’re still here. Thank you for the support.”