87th and Western

87th and Western EAH Housing87th and Western is located between 87th and 88th street and intends to retain and revitalize the alley that parallels Western Avenue. This new affordable apartment will serve families and persons with special needs who qualify low-income and other program requirements.

The development will create a traditional main street building typology, with pedestrian-centered ground floor uses for restaurants and other community-serving facilities. This creates a ‘main street’ design language and thus contributes to inspiring the task of rebuilding this vital urban corridor. To the west of the paseo, the design is a less dense, garden-style community that compliments the scale of the existing immediately adjacent, single-family residential homes.

Construction estimated start: TBD
Construction estimated completion: TBD

  • Property Type: Family, Special Needs
  • Location: 87th and Western Ave., Los Angeles, CA
  • Units: 160 apartments

Developer: EAH Housing, Innovative Housing Opportunities, Inc.
Architect: GGLO Design
General Contractor: TBD

Financing Participants:

  • TBD