Rehabilitation and Acquisition

EAH Housing is committed to acquiring and rehabilitating properties, often to a higher-quality standard than the private rental market.

Over the years, EAH Housing has purchased, rehabilitated and preserved twenty at-risk properties—consisting of more than 2,200 apartments—many of which were previously owned by profit-motivated companies. We are a national leader in preserving properties at risk of conversion to market-rate housing, and lead acquisitions in HUD’s Western Region Preservation Program.

In addition, EAH Housing upgraded 21 properties in 2011 with green rehabs, which included installing Energy Star appliances, high efficiency water heaters, dual pane windows, native plant landscaping, and other energy efficiency measures. Additionally, solar power was installed at another 21 properties. In just two years, over half of the EAH Housing portfolio has been retrofitted with new green technologies, and the other half has received energy use audits.

These practices not only assure affordability for the long-term, but also sustain our investment in the building, the neighborhood and its residents, for today and for decades to come.