The Building Sustainable Communities Initiative

Youth from Three Oaks Apartments, Walnut Creek | EAH Housing
Youth from Three Oaks Apartments, Walnut Creek

The EAH Housing Building Sustainable Communities Initiative was launched in 2009 to ensure that sustainable principles are reflected throughout the design, development, and management of EAH communities and corporate operations. Long before the term “Smart Growth” was coined, EAH Housing was building infill affordable housing to facilitate the growth of sustainable communities, and to provide a stable foundation for our residents to build their futures.

Entering its fifth decade, today EAH is even more acutely focused on mitigating the environmental challenges that local and global communities are facing. This Initiative benefits the well-being of over 20,000 EAH residents by improving the health and safety of their homes, and in turn, reducing residents’ impact on the environment—creating a healthier planet for us all.

The Building Sustainable Communities Initiative incorporates the EAH Housing dedication to the three “e’s” of sustainability:

  • Environmental Quality, as we build “green” to the highest standards possible and appropriate for each community.
  • Economic Integrity, as we are committed to and invested in strengthening the economic vitality and resilience of communities.
  • Social Equity, as affordable housing provides opportunities to the families and seniors who need them most.

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