Affordable Housing Week 2017

Everyone deserves a place to call home

Last November, voters said YES to affordable housing on the ballots!

Affordable Housing Week 2017 is the perfect opportunity to learn more, get involved, and invite your friends and family to join the affordable housing movement. These events provide opportunities to understand our current housing challenges and identify opportunities for solutions. Join together with affordable housing supporters and advocates to make progress for Bay Area Affordable Housing!

This #AHW2017, it’s time to deepen our work.

Festivities and events kick off around the San Francisco Bay Area in the month of May!

Spring is the season for affordable housing outreach and education. Join the events and tours as our advocacy partners host a month of festivities and educational opportunities highlighting the design, operation and partnerships that lead to thriving affordable housing communities.

General Northern California Non-Profit Housing Association of California (NPH) 5/3/2017 – 5/22/2017 Link
Alameda County and Contra Costa County East Bay Housing Organizations (EBHO) 5/11/2017 – 5/21/2017 Link
San Francisco County San Francisco Council of
Community Housing Organizations
5/3/2017 – 5/17/2017 Link
San Mateo County Housing Leadership Council of San Mateo County (HLC) 5/5/2017 – 5/12/2017 Link
Santa Clara County Silicon Valley at Home (SV@Home) 5/11/2017 – 5/22/2017 Link


Marin County | Board of Supervisors

The Marin County Board of Supervisors proclaimed April 2017 as “Fair Housing Month,” resolving:

  • That as a community we welcome all good neighbors, recognizing the contributions and richness tendered by a wide variety of young and old, male and female, people of all colors, ethnic backgrounds, and religious traditions
  • That interested parties from both the private and public sectors will participate in a city, state and national effort to promote fair housing
  • That all residents of our community be urged to personally adopt the spirit of equal housing opportunity and adhere to the letter and character of the Fair Housing Laws

Click here to see the official proclamation!

San Mateo County | Housing Leadership Council | May 5-12

AHW Calendar of Events:

Affordable Housing Week: Working together to create more opportunities for all! Housing Leadership Council of San Mateo County works with communities and their leaders to produce and preserve quality affordable homes.

East Bay | East Bay Housing Organizations (EBHO) | May 11-21

AHW Calendar of Events:
May 11th-21st is Affordable Housing Week 2017! Get ready for a week of grand openings, panel discussions, community events, tours, workshops, and more. It’s also the time when EBHO launches its 2017-2018 Affordable Housing Guidebook.

Silicon Valley | Silicon Valley at Home (SV@Home) | May 11-22

AHW Calendar of Events:

Affordable Housing Week (AHW) is a week-long celebration of affordable housing and effort to bring our diverse community together to raise awareness, educate, engage, activate, and unite around affordable housing issues and how we can work together to make Santa Clara County a more affordable place to live for all of our residents. This year’s theme, #ItsUpToUs, Silicon Valley, emphasizes the need for collective action and unification around the idea that everyone should have access to a safe, stable, and affordable home.

About EAH Housing

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