Art Contest Winners

EAH Housing 2020 Art Contest Winners


Drum roll, please!

Congratulations to Rosio Ruano, resident manager at Water Street Apartments in Santa Cruz on receiving first place.  Rosio’s inspirational design will be featured on the front cover of an EAH Housing greeting card.  She will also receive $500 in cash.

Andreas Brylka in accounting in San Rafael, places second for his festive holiday illustration. He will receive $250 in cash.  Our third-place winner is Dona Neilson, Teresa Barker’s partner, for her message of inclusivity. Teresa will receive $150 in cash on her behalf.

Thanks again to everyone who entered the contest.  As a thank you gift, each participant will receive a $50 gift card.


1) First Place

2) Second Place

3) Third Place

Rosio Ruano Andreas Brylka Dona Neilson