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EAH Housing Board of Directors Welcomes Colleen Mizuno and Laura Wilder

Laura Wilder and Colleen Mizuno




We are thrilled to announce the addition of Colleen Mizuno and Laura Wilder to EAH Housing’s Board of Directors. Colleen, a 40-year industry veteran and life-long resident of Hawai’i, brings a deep understanding of the unique construction logistics of working in an island state and an appreciation for Hawai’i’s rich multicultural heritage and community styles. Laura, who has more than 20 years of experience specializing in affordable housing advising, will provide a seasoned financial perspective on the funding nuances of affordable housing. 

“As we welcome Colleen and Laura to the EAH Housing Board of Directors, we embrace not only their industry expertise but also the powerful diversity they bring to our organization’s leadership,” said Linn Warren, EAH Housing Board Chair. “Their unique perspectives and unwavering commitment to affordable housing ensure that EAH Housing remains true to our mission of providing quality housing for all.”