Training and Benefits

We recognize that training is a critical investment in the success of employees and in the continued excellence of EAH Housing.

The EAH Training & Development Program is committed to providing exceptional training opportunities that are specifically aligned with the mission and goals of EAH. EAH seeks to develop and retain a staff of well-trained, flexible, and continual learners and to assist individual staff members with their own professional development planning.

Examples of training topics include: Development of Leadership Skills, Communication Training, Team Building, Computer Skills, “EAH University” and other required compliance and safety training.


EAH Housing Employee Benefits

There’s more to life than work, and the EAH Housing corporate culture supports healthy individuals and families. In addition to offering competitive wages, EAH Housing is committed to providing our eligible employees with a comprehensive benefits package that includes:


Our Human Resources Department can provide more specific information about programs and eligibility.