Drake’s Way Receives LEED Silver Certification

Drake’s Way: A model of sustainability


September 2, 2017


Larkspur, CA — EAH Housing developed Drake’s Way in 2008, and still manages the property today. Drake’s Way is centrally located in Marin County, close to retail centers, a grocery store, job opportunities, and public transportation – which facilitates car-free lifestyles for residents.

Drake’s Way is landscaped entirely with drought resistant plants and was built with 80 percent recycled construction materials.

The community room, computer lab, and management offices at Drake’s Way are 100% Solar powered.

The entire property features some of the latest designs in energy efficiency for water heaters, insulation, ducts, and other building components.

Located in Larkspur, CA the property offers sweeping views of Mt. Tamalpais and the San Francisco Bay. To help preserve the natural beauty of the property’s surroundings, EAH Housing donated nearly half of their parcel to the city of Larkspur to be used as an undeveloped hiking and wildlife area.


More about Drake’s Way:

Drake’s Way provides homes for low income working families who would otherwise not be able to afford housing in Marin County’s high-end real estate market. Like many other EAH Housing properties, Drake’s Way allows people to live close to their jobs, meaning residents can avoid lengthy commutes, and spend more time with their families.


More about LEED Certification:

The prestigious Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) designation is an internationally recognized green building certification system which judges the overall environmental impact of a property by evaluating criteria such as energy savings, water efficiency, carbon dioxide emissions, and stewardship of natural resources. The LEED designation is considered to be one of the most stringent rating systems for green building. LEED criteria are set and evaluated publicly by the United States Green Building Council, which consists of approximately 20,000 member organizations.

About EAH Housing

Established in 1968, EAH Housing is one of the largest and most respected not-for-profit housing development and management organizations in the western United States. EAH develops low-income housing, manages more than 110 properties in 55 municipalities in California and Hawaii, and plays a leadership role in local, regional and national housing advocacy efforts.

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