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Spotlight on EAH Scholarship Recipient Cesar Dominique Gutierrez

We proudly celebrate Cesar Dominique Gutierrez, an EAH Housing resident for 20 years, living at Crescent Park in Richmond, CA. Cesar’s journey from a high school student with budding interests to an aspiring professional in Business Information Systems is a testament to his dedication, hard work, and the support of EAH Housing.

In his sophomore year, Cesar’s mom encouraged him to join a Shooting Stars business camp after seeing a flyer at the Crescent Park community office. This camp ignited his passion for entrepreneurship and led him to a website-building class, ultimately guiding him to pursue a degree in Business Information Systems. Thanks to EAH Housing and Shooting Stars scholarships, Cesar is enrolled at Contra Costa College and will continue his studies at San Francisco State in spring 2025.

Cesar is currently an intern with EAH Housing’s Digital Literacy program. He is responsible for updating laptops, operating systems, and internet browsers and creating user-friendly manuals to help residents set up Gmail accounts and download apps.

“EAH Housing truly cares about the personal growth of its residents,” Cesar said. “If it wasn’t for the flyers at the office, I wouldn’t have known these opportunities even existed. I went into the class not knowing what I wanted to do. I was out of my comfort zone and hesitant, but in the end, it helped me open my mind to new things. For anyone unsure about where to start their career, EAH Housing has resources you should take advantage of. They can open up doors for you.”