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White House acknowledges EAH Housing for commitment to solar use

June 25, 2014

CA & HI — Last month, President Barack Obama announced that more than 300 private and public organizations, including EAH Housing, are committed to creating jobs and cutting carbon pollution by advancing solar deployment and energy efficiency.

As acknowledged by the White House, EAH Housing commits to installing 10 MW of solar power across its portfolio in the coming years.

“Solar power is a high priority for our organization,” said EAH Housing President and CEO Mary Murtagh. “We’re dedicated to developing smarter and eco-friendlier communities that are energy- and water-efficient and we’re thankful to work with talented leaders within the solar industry who share our vision.”

Currently, 37 EAH Housing communities generate 2.3 MW of solar energy and two more solar projects are expected to be completed in 2014, totaling 125 kW in California and Hawaii. The White House Climate Action Plan calls for a target of 100 MW of installed capacity of renewable energy at federally subsidized housing by 2020.

Through a key partnership with Everyday Energy, EAH Housing expects to meet 10 percent of the White House goal.

“We’re proud to partner with EAH Housing in their plans to continue solar deployment at their communities,” said Scott Sarem, Everyday Energy CEO. “Their ability to adapt and maximize the potential of solar on affordable housing is virtually unmatched.”

Recently, EAH Housing completed renovations of two California communities: Kings Valley Senior Apartments in Cloverdale and Los Robles in Union City. Both communities received numerous sustainability upgrades including the installation of solar panels by Everyday Energy. Build It Green named Los Robles a GreenPoint Rated community as a result of the renovation.

About Everyday Energy

Everyday Energy finances, designs and installs solar energy systems for multifamily affordable housing and trains and hires veterans and affordable housing residents to help them begin careers in solar energy. Everyday Energy creates financial scenarios that allow customers to install solar at little to no out of pocket expense. Headquartered in Carlsbad, CA, Everyday Energy is responsible for creating over six megawatts of solar energy throughout the state.

For more information, visit the website or call 760-607-7200.

About EAH Housing

Established in 1968, EAH Housing is one of the oldest and most respected nonprofit developers and managers in the western United States. EAH has developed more than 7,268 homes and manages 108 properties serving more than 20,000 working families, students and seniors in 50 municipalities throughout California and Hawaii.

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