Green Property Management

Green Operations Best Practices


“We operate with the belief that every action can have a positive impact on the community, and on our world,” Laura Hall, Chief Operating Officer at EAH Housing.


September 6, 2017

Richmond, CA — As part of the Building Sustainable Communities Initiative, EAH Housing staff in the Real Estate Management and in Operations is implementing our Green Operations and Maintenance Best Practices Manual. This manual is a comprehensive approach to green management that can be shared and modeled with other nonprofits, property owners and building managers.

We know that environmentally responsible practices are wise investments that bring value to our properties and to our communities—creating good places to live, work, play, study and raise families—Green community workshop with Hawaii Energytoday and for the future.

Real Estate Management staff also reach out to EAH Housing residents to share tips and info on “green” living. A guidebook on reducing energy consumption is handed out to all new residents and many Property Managers and Resource Coordinators organize green living events at EAH properties. A couple of recent examples include:

  • A ‘pop-up’ farmers’ market at Kalani Gardens
  • Free CLF bulb distribution throughout the Hawaii portfolio
  • Energy savings contests
  • An arts and crafts fair at Kukui Gardens, where only recycled materials were used
  • Community Outreach Workshops (pictured at right), where representatives from Hawaii energy visit EAH properties and give presentations on sustainable living

About EAH Housing

Established in 1968, EAH Housing is one of the oldest and most respected nonprofit developers and managers in the western United States. EAH has developed over 7,268 homes and manages 101 properties serving working families, students and seniors in 50 municipalities throughout California and Hawaii.

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