Kaiahale ʻo Kahiluhilu

Kahului Civic CenterLocated centrally in Kahului, Maui, Hawai‘i, Kaiahale ʻo Kahiluhilu is a 303-unit affordable housing development, consisting of two, 6-story buildings, providing long-term affordable rentals within in a mixed-use complex. The residential portion of the mixed-use complex  provides families with an opportunity for a vibrant community that encompasses affordable housing, along with civic center facilities, a transit hub, parking, and public spaces.

Residential Features include:

  • 303-units of family housing that will serve households at or below 60% of the local Area Median Income (AMI);
  • A mix of one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom units;
  • Design targeted to meet LEED standards, including: solar thermal water heating, rideshare stalls, energy-efficient lighting and plumbing fixtures, drought resistant landscaping, and located next to the newly constructed Maui Transit Hub.

Kahului Civic CenterIn the Hawaiian language, kaiahale refers to a group of houses and hiluhilu connotes dignified elegance. Therefore, this project Kaiahale ʻo Kahiluhilu, means homes that bestow residents with a sense of dignity and grace.

Construction estimated start: 2027
Construction estimated completion: 2029

  • Property Type: Family
  • Location: 153 West Ka`ahumanu Ave, Kahului HI 96732 (Located at the Kane St and W Ka‘ahumanu sAve intersection)
  • Units: 303 apartments
  • Unit Sizes: 1-BR (519 sf), 2-BR (762 sf), 3-BR (1006 sf)

Developer: EAH Housing
Architect: Lowney Architecture
General Contractor: Moss
Civil Engineer: Gray Hong Nojima
Traffic Engineer: WSP
Geotech Engineer: Geolabs
Planner: PBR Hawaii
LEED Advisor: VCA Green
Community Outreach: Karey Kapoi

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Project Name Background

ka hiluhilu
ka – the
hiluhilu – dignified, elegant
Kahiluhilu – The Dignified Elegance

This phrase is used in the titles of the 1870-71 series dedicated to the life and miraculous accomplishments of the cultural hero, Kamaakamahiʻai [kama a ka mahiʻai (child of the farmer)].

Kamaakamahiʻai was born into a family who were farmers in Kahului. Kamaakamahiʻai became a childhood friend of Kamalālāwalu––the aliʻi who would become mōʻī of Maui, and for whom the epithet of “Maui nui a Kama” was coined. According to this series of articles, it was Kamaakamahiʻai who would place Kamalālāwalu upon the throne. 

With a name that means “Child of the Farmer,” Kamaakamahiʻai accomplished miracles due to his cleverness, piety, and resourcefulness. His skills were used to both defeat and seat kings. For some, the story is an allegory that hints that the true wealth of any nation is in the workers like mahiʻai (farmers).

The titles of the months-long series was, “Ka Moʻolelo o Kamaakamahiʻai – Ka Niuhi ʻAi Humuhumu o Kahului i Maui, Ke Puhi Nau Okaoka o Kona mau Lā Koa, Ka Hiluhilu hoʻi o Kona Wā Uʻi [The Story of Kamaakamahiʻai – The Voracious Tiger Shark of Kahului on Maui, The Eel that Gnashes its Prey to Pieces during His Days of War, The Most Elegantly Dignified of His Youthful Days].”

The homes at the EAH site will afford residents with a sense of dignified elegance.