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Magnolia Villas: Finalist in the Affordable Housing Finance 2023 Reader’s Choice Awards

In the heart of Santa Monica, a remarkable community has been changing lives for the better. Magnolia Villas, a 40-unit affordable housing complex for low-income seniors, has recently achieved recognition that highlights its significance in the community. This remarkable achievement is none other than being named a finalist in the prestigious Inspired Living: Affordable Housing Finance, Reader’s Choice Awards 2023 in the Senior Finalist category.

In addition, Magnolia Villas holds awards for:

  • Certification for Sustainability – Green Point (2022) from Built it Green.
  • Builder’s Choice Grand Award for Design of Nonprofit Housing (2022) from Builder Magazine.
  • Residential Architecture Award (2022) from American Institute of Architects, Los Angeles.
  • LA Architectural Award (2022) from Los Angeles Business Council.
  • Gold Award for Affordable Housing (2022) from LA Business Journal.
  • National Design Award of Honor (2022) from Society of American Registered Architects.

The acknowledgment of Magnolia Villas as a Finalist in Inspired Living: Affordable Housing Finance 2023 Reader’s Choice Awards is a testament to the community’s positive impact on the lives of its residents.

This prestigious award celebrates innovative and impactful housing projects.
Magnolia Villas represents the unwavering commitment of EAH Housing to create affordable, safe, and vibrant communities for seniors in need.

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