New Partnership with My Broker Donates Generates Zero Cost Donations for EAH Housing

What if you could put the dream of affordable housing into reach for more people, just by buying or selling a home yourself?

Now you can.

Our new partnership with My Broker Donates empowers our supporters to generate donations to EAH Housing worth thousands—at zero cost—when you buy or sell a home.

Here’s how it works: My Broker Donates connects people looking to buy or sell a home with caring, qualified brokers who donate 15% of their fee to EAH Housing. You choose the agent you like best. Once you find the right agent, the process is no different from any other real estate transaction.

A $500,000 real-estate transaction generates a donation of more than $2,000. That money will help EAH Housing continue its work of building affordable-housing communities throughout California and Hawaii.

And wouldn’t it feel great to know that your new home created new housing for someone who otherwise couldn’t afford it?

Even if you have an existing relationship with an agent or broker, My Broker Donates can help you create a donation for EAH Housing. Just visit their Getting Started Page.

If you’re an agent or broker who supports EAH Housing, you can become a My Broker Donates Affiliate.

My Broker Donates takes care of everything. Buyers and sellers work with a great agent, and EAH Housing receives much-needed funding.

“I would highly recommend My Broker Donates to anyone who is passionate about a non-profit and planning to buy or sell real estate of any kind. We found a great house, our agent was first-rate, and Summer Search, our favorite non-profit got a check, direct from the escrow company for over $1,500, donated in our names. We couldn’t be happier,” Jessica Vibberts, Bay Area, CA.