Family Housing

We are dedicated to turning around the housing crisis in our country—one family at a time— for hardworking people that want to succeed.

Families are affected in significant ways by having an affordable and secure home:

  • Children and parents grow more confident with the stability of a home
  • School performance and job prospects improve
  • Families are provided with a community that supports them
  • Families have the basis for improving health, security and well-being

EAH Housing residents represent people from different ages and backgrounds that contribute to the spirit and life of their neighborhoods.

EAH Housing residents
EAH Housing programs for families include:

  • Job training and job search programs
  • Parenting classes
  • Financial literacy and tax preparation assistance
  • English as a second language and translation services
  • Expanded learning and summer programs for youth
  • Big Brother/Big Sister programs and after school homework help
  • Training at our on-site computer learning centers and technology lounges

EAH Housing provides the foundation for a good life!