Former teacher and pastor finds a new village

Napa, California, September 2017 – Donna Joy worked as a teacher for more than twenty years and taught close to a thousand students. She taught virtually every curriculum and also worked as a pastor. When it came time to retire she knew she wouldn’t be able to afford the high cost of housing.

Although Donna Joy did receive a small pension from her part-time work as a pastor, she received no pension from teaching as a result of working in different cities throughout her career.

“Thankfully, I found Rohlffs Manor,” Donna Joy said.

Donna Joy participates in many activities on Rohlffs Manor and one of the classes she attends is the craft workshop.

“There’s a group of us and we knit and crochet pot holders and dish clothes for welcome bags at Rohlffs Manor,” said an exuberant Donna Joy. “New residents receive something that’s extra special from their neighbors. Crocheting in a group is a very special activity, it used to be more of solitary activity for me, now, it’s a social activity.”

She also participates in the Tai Chi classes and does it as part of her morning routine to the tune of hymns playing in the background.

“At Rohlffs Manor it’s like a village, people have gardens, it’s delightful to walk around and see what other people are doing and I have a place where I can garden myself,” she said.