Less Stress and Good Neighbors

Bay Point, California, October 2015 – Like many other people, Patricia Moore discovered that health problems and family circumstances could threaten her housing situation. After her husband passed away, she moved from Berkeley to an apartment in Richmond, where she became disabled after a series of heart attacks that culminated in a triple bypass. Though Patricia had worked her entire adult life, she suddenly found herself unable to stay at her job at an assisted living facility in Berkeley. After struggling with an inattentive landlord, Patricia decided to begin applying to affordable housing communities.

One day, Patricia was taking a walk with a friend on a trail near De Anza Gardens. She liked what she saw and decided to investigate further. She has now been living at De Anza since early 2010. “Oh, I love it!” Patricia says. “I have good neighbors.” Fortunately, her friends and family are not far away. Patricia has three wonderful adult children, Willie, Jason and April. Her youngest child, Leslie, lives with her and recently started taking accounting classes at Los Medanos College. While Leslie is at school, Patricia enjoys watching her grandson, Kyree.

So what is Patricia planning for the future? She plans to spend as much time as she can enjoying her new home and spending time with her kids and grandkids. This is Patricia’s first time living in affordable housing, and she really appreciates being able to live in a nicer, more secure and affordable apartment where she feels the management cares about residents. Patricia also likes being in a neighborhood that has plenty of stores and restaurants as well as access to BART and buses. “I can afford things now,” she says. She has learned to save and spend her money better, which has made her life less stressful. “I’m able to see things differently now.”

Story courtesy of EBHO Guidebook/Photo by Alain McLaughlin