Nancy Muldrow – Rodeo Gateway

EAH Housing Rodeo GatewayBefore Nancy Muldrow moved to Rodeo Gateway Apartments in November 2002, she constantly worried about her family’s ability to pay her escalating rent.

In 1991, Nancy had to sell her three-bedroom house and move to a much smaller apartment with two grown children and a grandchild. When her disability worsened, she could no longer stay at her job as a bus driver.

Nancy’s Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits provided her with $500 per month, yet her rent increased to $875. Nancy recalls her fears: “I thought I was going to be out on the street.”

Since Nancy moved to Rodeo Gateway Apartments more than three years ago, she has experienced significant positive changes in her life. She feels
“blessed” when she remembers her past situation.

With affordable housing, Nancy does not have to worry about the rent rising above her means, and she is able to save money. Nancy also values the camaraderie she has developed with her neighbors through the classes and activities available to residents. To Nancy, and the many seniors like her with limited income, affordable housing means “peace of mind, friendship, love, and companionship.”