Never losing sight of a brighter future

Ewa Beach, Hawaii, 2017 – Before Velma found a place to call home at Villages of Moa‘e Kῡ, she was homeless. She spent several years living at a local beach, homeless shelters but never lost hope for a brighter future. One day she heard about Villages of Moa‘e Kῡ and decided to apply, she was accepted and was one of the first residents to move in.

“I’m a senior citizen right now, and this housing came in just the right time,” Velma said. “I moved in on my son’s birthday, so we celebrated his birthday in a new house.”

Villages of Moa‘e Kῡ provides Velma a sense of relief and community. The buildings are arranged around a play area for children of the community and Velma sometimes spends time watching the children play. She also relaxes by gardening and sharing homemade treats with her neighbors. Velma appreciates the sense of community and the proximity to nearby shopping centers, grocery stores and access to local parks.

She was invited to speak at a recent EAH Housing event, where she was able to meet the Mayor of Honolulu, partners and staff of EAH Housing and thanked the enter group.

“My life has improved 100 percent since I moved. Thank you for helping us get here and for making Moa‘e Kῡ a wonderful place to live,” Velma said.