Stonebridge Apartments named ‘Property of the Year’

Stonebridge Apartments, a College Avenue site composed of 80 housing units where nearly 300 people live, has been named “Property of the Year” by the nonprofit EAH Housing.

EAH manages Stonebridge and 100 other affordable-housing properties around California and Hawaii.

“We’re happy to have a professional and caring team doing their best in St. Helena,” said Dianna Ingle, EAH Housing vice president of real estate management. “They’ve earned the right to call themselves ‘Property of the Year’ and serve as a model for the entire EAH family.”

David Garden of St. Helena worked with EAH and Napa Valley Community Housing to develop Stonebridge and provide sorely needed affordable housing in St. Helena.

“The Stonebridge housing and community story has always been about individuals working together for a common cause,” said St. Helena’s Leo Ainsworth, president of the Stonebridge board of directors. “We’re proud of the EAH Housing staff and proud that David Garden’s vision continues to resonate.”

Stonebridge helps connect residents with local support services and hosts community groups such as a homework club and a citizenship study group. The Stonebridge community room serves as a Voter Assistance Center during election season.

The Stonebridge staff is made up of C. Sanchez, property manager; R. Hemken, resource coordinator; A. Arranaga, maintenance; S. Ramirez, janitor and groundskeeper; H. Rodriguez, maintenance; T.Shaw, office assistant; and T. Koppman, property supervisor.