Josh Romoff

Josh Romoff

Josh Romoff, Director, Business Development, Real Estate Management

Josh Romoff joined EAH Housing in January 2019 to expand the EAH Housing real estate management portfolio. Mr. Romoff is a well-respected veteran of the multifamily space since 1998 and has experience in property services, management software, business development and operations. Throughout his career, Mr. Romoff has worked on both regional and national levels with property owners, REITs and managers to develop innovative tools and streamlined processes for property management assets.

Mr. Romoff is the lead on new opportunities to partner with owners, developers, and associations to professionally manage, develop and preserve affordable housing communities. He serves as the liaison with Boards of Directors, owners, government staff and other EAH partners for third party management, directing all aspects of client services, negotiations and relationship management.

Prior to his work at EAH Housing, Mr. Romoff was the Director of Sales at several property management platform companies including, Screening Reports, Inc. and Active Building, where he managed teams and strategic relationships with clients to promote the geographic expansion of each organization, primarily in the western region of the United States.

Mr. Romoff received his Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Western Washington University, and EDP certification in business management and operations from University of Washington Foster School of Business.