Marian Gushiken

Marian Gushiken EAH Housing

Marian Gushiken, Director, Real Estate Development, Hawai’i

Marian Gushiken joined EAH Housing in October 2007 as the Director of Real Estate Development – Hawai‘i. In this capacity, she oversees all development activities for EAH in the State of Hawai‘i.

During her tenure to date, Ms. Gushiken has been involved in the development of over 1,000 units with highlights including the first syndicated property in the EAH Hawai‘i portfolio, Kahului Town Terrace (72 units, acquisition-rehabilitation) and the preservation of Kukui Gardens (389 units). She also had primary responsibility for the first new construction development of EAH in Hawai‘i, a 194-unit three-phase family rental project – the Villages of Moaʿe Kū (Phase One: 64 units, Phase Two: 76 units, Phase Three: 52 units).

Prior to joining EAH Housing, Ms. Gushiken worked at Eden Housing in Hayward, California, for over nine years, first as a Project Manager and then as the Associate Director of Real Estate Development. As the Associate Director she oversaw the development of over 1,200 units of rental housing, with primary project management responsibility for over 400 units developed. She also provided management support to project developers, and participated in staff development, corporate strategy, and development of corporate goals.

Before her tenure there, Ms. Gushiken worked for the City of Hayward for seven years as a Housing Development Specialist working on affordable housing programs and policies. She provided technical assistance to nonprofits, and was responsible for the development of policy related documents and reports to ensure compliance with federal and state requirements. Ms. Gushiken created and managed the city’s first loan assistance program targeting first-time homebuyers and its first Homeownership Coordinator position.

Ms. Gushiken also worked for three years at Mid-Peninsula Housing Coalition, another regional nonprofit housing provider based in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she was responsible for initial project feasibility and worked on a variety of new construction projects utilizing various federal, state and local subsidy programs.

Ms. Gushiken holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Policy and Urban Affairs from the University of the Pacific, and a Master of City Planning from the University of California at Berkeley.