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The City of Santa Monica Has Approved Funding of New Affordable Housing by developer EAH Housing

Pico Housing Project Receives $8M in City Funding

Santa Monica Daily Express
Matthew Hall | May 21, 2019
Santa Monica, California

The City of Santa Monica has approved $8.3 million in funding for a new affordable housing development at 14th and Michigan by developer EAH Housing. In approving the loan, officials said the project provides needed housing in the Pico neighborhood, an area without an existing facility.

“Existing supportive housing developments are located in the Wilshire/Montana, Sunset Park, Oceanfront District, and downtown areas,” said the city’s approval document. “Given the proximity to transit (both the Expo Line and bus routes), bike lanes, schools, supermarkets, parks, and other services, the proposed development would provide new affordable housing opportunities for very low-income households as well as convenient access to valuable community amenities.”