Rohlffs Manor Celebrates a New Chapter

Under New Ownership, Senior Complex Finishes Renovations

Napa Valley Register
By Alisha Wyman | February 14, 2011
Napa, CA

Rohlffs Manor residents remembers the days of orange countertops at the apartment complex, a color reminiscent of “the hippie days.” Those are no more, thanks to a large-scale renovation completed by EAH Housing, owners of the 355-unit complex for low-income seniors in west Napa…

“EAH was really interested in this property because of the opportunity it presented to have … an almost organic approach to providing for people as they age,” she said. “It’s a really exciting thing for us to be able to offer that, and we want to take that type of program to other properties that we are developing.” said EAH project manager Lynn Berard.