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EAH Housing Kolopua LEED Certified

December 31, 2015

Princeville, HI — Co-developed in 2015 by EAH Housing and Vitus Group, Inc., Kolopua is a 44-unit workforce housing complex in Princeville, HI. Located on the Makai side of Kuhio Highway just up the road from Princeville Center, the property consists of one- to three-bedroom rental apartments on approximately 3.5 acres of land and lies within half a mile of community resources and transit.

Built with sustainability in mind, Kolopua is LEED®-H Platinum Certified.

  • Kolopua is in a preferred location that avoids environmentally sensitive sites and is an edge development utilizing existing infrastructure from a previously developed site.
  • For site stewardship during the construction process, efforts were made to minimize long-term environmental damage to the building lot using erosion controls.
  • Kolopua complies with High Density requirements which utilize compact development patterns to conserve land while promoting community livability, transportation efficiency, and walkability.
  • The landscaping is designed for compliance with Sustainable Sites, including: no use of invasive plants, reduced turf use, and overall reduction in irrigation demand.
  • Kolopua saves valuable water resources with high-efficiency and very high-efficiency water fixtures in each home.
  • Apartments all contain energy-efficient appliances and lighting.


More about LEED Certification:

The prestigious Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) designation is an internationally recognized green building certification system which judges the overall environmental impact of a property by evaluating criteria such as energy savings, water efficiency, carbon dioxide emissions, and stewardship of natural resources. The LEED designation is considered to be one of the most stringent rating systems for green building. LEED criteria are set and evaluated publicly by the United States Green Building Council, which consists of approximately 20,000 member organizations.

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