Crescent Park is Largest, Solar-Powered, Affordable Housing Community in the U.S.

June 10, 2008


San Rafael, CA — EAH Housing, a nonprofit affordable housing developer and manager based in San Rafael California, has announced the dedication of this, the largest affordable housing solar installation in the U.S. serving all 24 buildings and 378 family apartments for this large community on nearly 25 acres.

The community is currently undergoing a $70 million restoration by EAH Housing that includes the projected 908 megawatt solar installation.

“We are proud to provide solar power for all 378 apartments as part of our major rehabilitation and improvement of this important affordable housing community that has served Richmond since the 1960s,” said Mary Murtagh, President and CEO of EAH Housing.

EAH Housing acquired Crescent Park in 1994, and quickly moved to restore it to its former status as a valued community resource. It has since been awarded the HUD “Best Practices” Award for its Computer Learning Center, which provides access to technology to very low-income residents.

“The work of EAH Housing at Crescent Park is very exciting,” said Gayle McLaughlin, Mayor of Richmond. “EAH is not only providing affordable housing in our city, but with its commitment to solar energy, it has taken on a stewardship role as well. I applaud EAH Housing for being a socially and environmentally responsible organization and look forward to our continuing relationship.”

About the Solar Energy Installation

The solar installation at Crescent Park – a $7 million dollar project managed and installed by Sun Light and Power, based in Berkeley, CA – will help reduce the production of greenhouse gases while providing lower utility costs for this large, family complex. The installation also helps the city of Richmond to meet almost 20% of its 5 MW goal for usage of solar power.

Producing nearly a megawatt of clean, renewable energy, the 908 kilowatts system includes 4323 SunPower, 210-watt modules and 180, SunPower M Series inverters.

Gary Gerber, President of Berkeley’s Sun Light and Power said: “I am honored and pleased that EAH chose Sun Light & Power to build America’s largest affordable housing solar project here at Crescent Park. Sun Light & Power’s engineering expertise and our 32 years of experience designing and installing solar systems made us a great match with EAH, who clearly recognize that solar electricity must play a pivotal role in providing the renewable energy this country needs to reduce our environmental impact and stabilize our future energy costs.”
$70 million Rehabilitation of Crescent Park

Beyond providing a greener living environment for residents, the rehabilitation of Crescent Park will bring long-overdue repairs to a community that is approaching its 40th birthday, all without requiring an increase in tenant rents or utilizing any local funding. The project will bring an investment of approximately $70MM to the City of Richmond. Major improvements to the site include the repair of structural and systems deficiencies (new roofing, repairs to framing and siding, plumbing upgrades, etc.) as well as aesthetic improvements, including new flooring, appliances, cabinetry, and landscaping.

Finally, there will be an expansion of the administrative offices and the Multicultural Family Resource Center (MCFRC) that will allow for a dramatic increase in the amount of office space for staff, as well as the modernization of community space. The addition to the MCFRC will be approximately 1,500 square feet, doubling the current size of community facilities at Crescent Park.