Student Housing

Our experience allows student residents to benefit from high quality construction, management and maintenance.

EAH Housing Primero Grove Davis
Students at Primero Grove in Davis

In the mid-1990’s, in response to a severe shortage of student and faculty housing, EAH Housing expanded its capacity to develop and manage housing for universities and colleges.

EAH Housing onsite staff receives ongoing training to be outstanding representatives of the educational organizations we serve. We bring our understanding of the multi-layered relationships and complexity of student housing to our administration of successful student services, mixed use and property management.

EAH Housing has been retained as operational consultants and property managers for a variety of universities. One example is the Village at Centennial Square at San Francisco State University, viewed as showpiece for their 100th year anniversary celebration. EAH provided benchmarks for graduate student living, offering an off-campus feel with the conveniences of an on-campus location providing high quality accommodations and services. Later, The University Foundation purchased the adjacent student housing and created an in-house department to accommodate this facility, continuing to utilize the best property management practices established by EAH.

EAH has a strong track record partnering with the University of California system and other institutions in a cooperative, open-book process.


Current EAH Student Housing:

  • Primero Grove at UC Davis – EAH Housing owns and manages of this 181-unit, three-story apartment complex serving 350 upper division and graduate students. The buildings offer on-campus housing in a park-like setting with the feel and amenities of off-campus apartment living.Studios to four-bedroom apartments are available.
  • Stonehaven Apartments at UC Riverside – EAH Housing acquired this property and manages 200 one- and two-bedroom apartments with 470 bed spaces in two-story buildings. Amenities include indoor and outdoor recreation facilities, basketball, volleyball and a swimming pool.