It’s More Than an Apartment, It’s a Community

September 28, 2015

After being let go from her job, Achoia faced a difficult position: she wanted to go back to school, but would not be able to manage it without working. At the same time, for the benefit of her two children Josiah and Adrianah, she made the decision to leave the volatile relationship she was caught in and began searching for relatives with whom she and her children might find temporary shelter. Rather than become discouraged, Achoia was motivated to get back on her own two feet.

One day while driving towards Modesto, Achoia saw a sign for apartments in a new community called Archway Commons. She reached out to the property manager and after submitting an application, Achoia was approved for the very last open apartment at Archway.Having secured a home for her and her children, Achoia dedicated herself to her preparations for two rounds of rigorous testing and an interview with the program director, on her path to becoming an emergency medical technician. In September of 2014, she started classes in the EMT program. With a class size of 70, Achoia was 1 of only 13 students to pass the first semester. The quiet space of the Archway Commons Resource Center allowed her to focus on her studies and ultimately earn an A.

For Achoia, Archway Commons has provided her with more than just a home – it brings peace of mind. She credits the Archway community, neighbors, and staff as a major part of her support group. Working a split shift and attending class in between, her stable home makes it possible to dedicate time to her studies and her work. Meanwhile, Adrianah and Josiah attend afterschool programs at Archway, where she knows that her children are surrounded by wonderful people. Achoia looks forward to graduating from her program in a few months and her gratefulness runs deep for the support the entire Archway community has provided in creating pathways to both her EMT certification and a happy home.

Archway Commons is a high-quality, GreenPoint Rated, multifamily affordable housing community that would not have been possible without contributions from the City of Modesto’s low and moderate income housing set-aside funds, an award of 9% low income housing tax credits (LIHTC), and $1,000,000 in HUD funding from the HOME Investment Partnerships Program. Through these resources, EAH Housing was able to open 76 new homes to families in need, families like Achoia and her two children.