Ting Ting sets a leading example for fellow students

Kukui Tower Resident Story EAH Housing

Kukui Tower Resident Story EAH Housing“Attending college is one of my biggest dreams come true. Thanks to the EAH Housing Scholarship I’m able to cover my class textbooks and that definitely makes a difference in affording my education,” said Ting Ting Wu, a 2014 EAH Housing Scholarship recipient and University of Hawaii college student.

As a resident of Kukui Tower, Ting Ting had an opportunity to apply and receive the EAH Housing Scholarship. Upon applying, she quickly discovered she was the perfect candidate for the program. Not only was she an exceptional student, Ting Ting also participated in several extracurricular activities such as clubs, sports and committees. She played tennis, took part in the National Honor Society, Chinese and Japanese club and Ignition.

As a student mentor in Ignition, Ting Ting was assigned and provided guidance to several high school freshmen. Ting Ting proved her commitment to higher education actively by getting exemplary grades, participating in after school activities and by investing in her peers. On her role as a mentor to fellow students Ting Ting said, “I took great pride in being to help others in their time of need.”

During her time in high school as a resident of Kukui Tower, Ting Ting was able to make use of the technology lounge, which is offered at many EAH Housing communities. Access to the technology lounge provides Ting Ting and other residents the ability to use a computer and get online. For dedicated students such as Ting Ting, the technology lounge enables her to complete her school work and complete online research.

Ting Ting attributes her success in school to her personal values, “I’ve always believed in sharing, team work, supporting and getting to know others because it’s the people around me that makes my life precious.”